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How to FundCommuniFactory Programs

Partner with us to fund or support a CommuniFactory program for one of our communities in Nigeria or take us anywhere in Africa. We are trying to make funding and participation as simple as possible. Contact us today to find our which of our flexible funding plans suits your interests.

Funders can team up and finance programs in groups or provide funds as individuals. Asides from getting returns on investments, the major benefit in funding a Communifactory Program is to be a part of a process which has a visible social impact on communities, resulting in a better world for all of us: hence, we only partner with people whose image identify with social good or who want to improve such image.

An internovent Project

internovent is an Africa-focused Startup which works to Design, Develop and Distribute social innovation. internovent - intervene innovate invent, is "An inter-mechanism of intelligently structured procedures, creatively designed to refine diverse ideas which are solutions to socioeconomic problems". We are Africa's Coolest Startup.